JSConf US 2020

Join us for one last time in beautiful Carlsbad, CA for two days of talks, one day of adventure!

August 24 - 26



Since the beginning of the year, we have been monitoring the world-wide spread of Coronavirus and how it has been impacting conferences. At this time, we have decided to suspend all planning efforts for the next 45 days so that we can make an informed decision about how to proceed. While we are cautiously optimistic about our nation’s ability to respond, contain, and ultimately eradicate the virus, we do not feel comfortable selling tickets to an event that still faces a real possibility of being cancelled. If the situation improves, we are confident in our ability to quickly ramp up efforts in order to meet our original date in late August, even with this pause in operations.

If the situation does not improve after 45 days, we will likely be forced to cancel our plans for 2020. While other conferences have been able to postpone their event, we do not believe we are able to do so at this time. While we admire that other conferences have been able to pivot to an entirely virtual experience, we do not believe that would be a suitable alternative to the JSConf US experience. For the last eleven years, we have worked hard to create an inclusive environment that brings people together through shared experiences. That is simply not possible to do with an online-only program.

We hope that once the world is able to get back on top of the outbreak, you will all join us in Carlsbad, California this August. But until then, stay inside, wash your hands, and check on your neighbors.

— The JSConf US Team


Code of Conduct

JSConf was one of the first conferences to implement and enforce a conference Code of Conduct. This year is no different. We expect, and require, all organizers, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, delegates, and attendees of all levels to adhere to our Code of Conduct.